5 Facebook Marketing Hacks You Must Deploy in 2018 | AWasia 2017

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5 Facebook Marketing Hacks You Must Deploy in 2018

Patrick Dermak is the co-founder of Adbaker, a white Facebook marketing agency based in Cologne. His bleeding-edge knowledge allowed his company to generate millions of dollars in direct performance marketing campaigns. In his talk, he’ll reveal 5 hacks in the launch, scale optimisation phase of a Facebook campaign. Apart from advanced hacks, he’ll share with you low-hanging fruits like how to monetise your Facebook ad comments to double ROI and lower your ad cost. No fluff, just tips & tricks you can deploy instantly.

Speech by Patrick Dermak
Co-founder, Adbaker

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Peter Chan Jr says:

Danag! Great hacks! thanks for this!

mcsamhairclinic says:

wow nice stuff.

Nachiket Arora says:

Taking Few Points From This Video. Thanks A Lot, Hope It Will Work For Me As Well.

Shaun Turton says:

Lost me at the intro music

Emory Tyler says:

can anyone provide any more information regarding the mobile gif overlay, how it works, how to implement, etc

luay salm says:


Vallad Centrius says:

A hack that worked for me was influencer marketing via phlanx

Jurica Saponja says:

Btw great stuff mate

Jurica Saponja says:

Its called PorschE

Yann Le Décodeur says:

Awesome!! Thanks Patrick

Social Media Marketing Help says:

Great Stuff Patrick

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