Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2018 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch

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This is my shopify tutorial for beginners 2018.
In this video I’ll show you how to create a profitable shopify store from scratch using Oberlo and Aliexpress (dropshipping).

I created this long tutorial because I want everyone to be able to set up a shopify store and start making the first sales without spending a fortune on useless courses.

I recommend to follow along with me because in the video you’ll find EVERYTHING you need build a shopify business from start to finish:

0.00 An introduction to this business model(dropshipping) and how it works. How does dropshipping work ?

2:58 How to choose the right dropshipping products on aliexpress.

9:40 How to create your own online store using shopify, get and customize a professional shopify theme and set everything up.

53:00 How to import products from aliexpress using oberlo

1:15:10 How to run facebook ads to your shopify store

1:36:18 Other traffic sources like instagram influencers

1:40:00 Final tips and guidelines for success.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments down below. I’m here to help!

Also if you want to contact me privately (even if you want me to make your shopify store or help with the ads), you can email me at

PLEASE NOTE: This video does NOT guarantee or promise any result. It is NOT a legal or business advice and how you use the information is entirely up to you.


Slamm Dunk says:

Personalised recommendations is no longer free (4% now $15 monthly sub instead) do you know if there is a better alternative for beginners? thanks

Joanne Melita says:

Thank you. The most valuable 2 hours on YouTube

Bitrey says:

Grazie mille!

HeavyDemir says:

where does the money people spend go? I don't see anything about how to collect the millions of dinares I will make πŸ™‚

Betty Shanley says:

for everyone asking this is the 30 day trial instead of 14

Ankur Sehdev says:

But what about the time it takes to ship, I live in Canada and it takes a lot of time 20-40 days? What to do in that case?


tobia , how we can deal with product owners about invoice? i mean if they put in box invoice what will happen ^^

J C says:

Many thanks to you. This is exactly what I need.

Hussain Khan says:

edit your shopify image and manage your shopify application content uploading and other stuff $10 hourly rate at www,

chergui simone says:

Nice italian accent,man! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ

Neil Raine says:

Your insane pal πŸ™‚ well done

Thobaret Millone says:

Thank you so much. It's an excellent teaching video for who interested in drop-shipping.. Thank you again

brody1507 says:

when im living in europe and ill try to sell to US like this ,how can i pay taxes? Or … should i pay taxes , or how doe sit work?

Abhishek Singh says:

two questions, may be i missed. Have you taught how to make the link of my product that comes in my fb ad and secondly will my paid domain name contain on it? if yes then does it mean I will not make an independent site for other places?

Janaka Bandaranayake says:

How nice that great i search something like this wow…great brother

Maria Diabuno says:

Thank you Tobia, you are the best! I'm watching it for the first time and I can't believe how well you explained everything. I can't wait to start selling but first I will watch it twice. Thank you and gracias!

J English says:

Tobia: You are THE BOMB! This is easily the best marketing/Shopify/Internet CSR… video I have ever seen. It will take me a week to digest it all but the tips, strategies and coding hacks used here are brilliant. Shopify should be sending you money my friend – you make their product sing! The only con in all this is that the products on Oberlo take FOREVER to deliver. Amazon has crushed this. I ship in 24 hours with 1 to 2 day deliver on product I produce. It has become what buyers in the US now expect as Amazon continues to raise the bar on the last mile fulfillment process. That aside – sei fantastico!

Eric Gonzalez says:

wow this tutorial is so easy and simple to follow unlike all the other people who spend most of the time talking, this guy deserves more subs. πŸ‘

Amor abrazo says:

You are doing a great job,i learnt a lot from you.hopefully you will have more courses

Shamiya Sisters- SS! says:

Thank you so much for this vital information!

Vanessa Galvez says:

How do I fulfill orders?

Eirik Andersen says:

you sound like gatis kandis, great video though!

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