Why LONG SHIPPING Times DON’T MATTER when Dropshipping with Aliexpress (ePacket China Shipping) |

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Why LONG SHIPPING Times DON’T MATTER when Dropshipping with Aliexpress (ePacket China Shipping) – http://bit.ly/2KXIAUr
Stop worrying! Learn why long shipping times DON’T MATTER with Aliexpress dropshipping.
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We get asked this question a lot here at Wholesale Ted:

“What about long shipping times from China? Will customers be willing to wait?”

“Why will people buy items with long shipping times from China if you can buy an item with fast shipping from Amazon?”

Long Shipping Times DON’T STOP Customers from Buying

If you are worried that the long shipping times from China when dropshipping with Aliexpress are going to stop customers from buying, and hurt your conversion rates… don’t be. This has been extensively tested. While it impacts the conversion rates a little, it doesn’t impact them by much.

And the lower conversion rates are usually offset by the high profit margins on items shipped from China.

If you have delayed creating your store because of this then STOP WORRYING because it DOESN’T MATTER!

Selling on Amazon is very different to selling in an Aliexpress dropshipping store, which is why you can’t compare the two.

On Amazon, customers primarily find items by using the search bar. They know what they want to buy and they are now comparing the different items to sell. It is a methodical process of comparing products. Customers will compare features, prices and shipping times when making their decision.

If you build an Aliexpress dropshipping store right, people won’t be buying items because they have already decided to. Instead, they’ll be buying products from you because of emotions. Your goal should be to pick products that when the right person see’s it, it makes them feel something:

“I really really love that!”

“WOW – I need to buy that!”

You aren’t trying to sell them items that they are already decided to buy. You are trying to sell them items that had not planned to buy, but once they see an ad for it, have a strong desire to buy because it appeals perfectly for them.

In addition, you can use scarcity in your product ad and description to make the buyer feel like they are getting a great deal, so they won’t look at prices elsewhere.

How to Overcome Downsides from Long Shipping Times

There is a downside to long shipping times from China when dropshipping with Aliexpress – and that is customer service. While it doesn’t stop customers from buying, you will get an increase in emails from customers enquiring as to where their item is.

Don’t be afraid or worried about this. When most customers email you, they just want a nice reply from someone who lets them know that it’s normal their item hasn’t arrived yet and that it will be there – they just need to be patient. As long as customers feel like you are real and care about them, you will calm them with excellent customer support.

Rarely, you’ll get customers that will demand a refund. As long as you put a shipping disclaimer in your product copy, you do not owe them a refund. If they try and do a PayPal claim or a chargeback, you will win the dispute. That is why it is important to be upfront and honest about the shipping times. I recommend you bold this so customers don’t miss it.

What is the Best Way to Ship from Aliexpress?

I recommend you use ePacket exclusively when you dropship from China to the USA with Aliexpress.

Epacket is a heavily discounted shipping option that is run at a loss. It is a shipping treaty between China and the USA to encourage customers in the USA to purchase more items from China. Shipments arrive within 10-20 days (2-3 weeks) and are extremely cheap, usually costing between $1-2 extra at most.

In addition, ePacket includes tracking, so that you can see if a customer’s item was truly lost in the mail, or if it was successfully delivered.

This is also why I suggest you stick to suppliers based in the USA. The ePacket shipping option is different from other ePacket options offered to other countries (like Canada, UK, Australia & NZ). That is because the USA ePacket is run by the United States Postal Service, whereas the ePacket option offered to other countries is run by Hong Kong Post.

The USA ePacket shipping is extremely efficient and works great – which is why I recommend sticking to the USA in the beginning and expanding out from there.

So if you’ve been letting the long shipping times from China stop you from opening an Aliexpress dropshipping store, don’t: it doesn’t matter!


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